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The Doctors: Did Cannabis Oil Save This Child?

People are crediting the cannabis compound CBD for helping with everything from childhood seizures to cancer. Meet Tracy and Josh who credit the treatment in part for saving the life of their daughter Sophie.

When doctors discovered that Sophie had a brain tumor when she was 8 and a half months old, her parents Tracy and Josh tried an alternative treatment — the cannabis compound CBD.

They began administering CBD oil orally in conjunction with chemotherapy. Mom Tracy says that after 2 months of using both cannabis and chemo her daughter’s tumor began shrinking.

Sophie is now 5 years old and her mom says, “She’s healthy and happy, she’s thriving. She’s still in treatment, but to meet her and to know her, you would never know that this child gets chemo pumped into her every other week.” Tracy adds, “I don’t know if it can cure cancer, but I 100 percent believe in it as a medicine for cancer.”

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