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Weed & the American Family: The Selmeski Family

From Yahoo’s Weed & the American Family series:

Video by Brian Prowse-Gany

At just four months old, doctors told Shawn and Rachael Selmeski that their daughter Maggie probably wouldn’t live very long.  Maggie was diagnosed  with “intractable” epilepsy, which can cause up to 500 seizures a day.  After trying a number pharmaceutical treatments without improvement, the Selmeski’s decided that medical marijuana was the only viable option remaining.   Their daughter was 17 months old when they made the move from Tennessee to Colorado , where they could legally obtain and administer to Maggie a drug called Charlotte’s Web — the extract of a strain of cannabis that’s low in psychoactive THC but high in cannabidiol (CBD).  Quickly, the family noticed significant changes.  Today, with treatment from a medical marijuana patch she wears daily and the administration of Charlotte’s Web oil she takes orally, Maggie suffers from only 15 to 20 seizures a day.



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